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Andouille sausages are commonly used in Cajun cooking. They are flavored with natural smoke, barley malt, paprika and other traditional spices to create that unique Cajun flavor. Fully cooked and ready to heat and eat, these sausages can be used in many casseroles, soups or appetizers.


Our Cheddarwurst sausage is a traditional kielbasa with the added flavor of real shredded cheddar cheese. These mouth-watering sausages are fully cooked and make a great meal grilled or fried. Be sure to try them in one of our guaranteed to be delicious recipes!

Garlic Sausage

Garlic sausage is a sure-to-please favorite. Plump and juicy, filled with the tangy taste of garlic, these fully cooked links are quick and satisfying whether cooked on the grill or used in your favorite recipe.

"Red Hot" Sausage

"Red Hots" are a bright red spicy sausage - the type often found in convenience store steamers. We make them with fresh lean pork spiced with red pepper and other spices for a tasty flavorful sausage. Great on the grill, they also add a lot of flavor to many different recipes.


Kielbasa is a traditional "Polish sausage." We give these perfectly seasoned sausages our own twist. Fully cooked, ready to heat and eat, these sausages make a wonderful quick meal.

Sweet Italian Sausage

Delicious sweet sausages seasoned with fennel, coriander and other classic spices are delicious on the grill or used in our recipes.

Chicken Chorizo

Based on a traditional Mexican sausage, our Chicken Chorizo is spicy and full of flavor. Fully cooked, it is most often used in dishes featuring eggs, beans or rice, but is also delicious grilled or fried and served by itself.

Chicken Jalapeno

Delicious and spicy with jalapeno, these lean chicken sausages are sure to please. Fully cooked.

Chicken "Red Hots" Sausage

Chicken "Red Hots" are an extra lean version of our popular pork "Red Hots." These spicy sausages are a healthy taste treat that are great grilled, steamed or used in recipes.

Customer Testimonials

"Just a shout out to you, we ordered a smoked turkey breast from you for Thanksgiving this year. Our first time ever eating smoked turkey. It was DELICIOUS! Just the right amount of smoke. If anyone is not a fan of smoked meat, they really should try this anyway. I think they would be surprised. We will definitely be buying this again!"

Lisa Gilreath

"The best hotdogs on Earth! "Red Snappers" and the jarred mincemeat is as good as it gets. Thank you for holding quality at its best."

Dan Moffett

"I ordered these over the summer when I got super homesick for Maine, and they were absolutely delicious. "

Tricia Blankenship

"I love Bean's and Rice's hot dogs. Sometimes they taste better than lobster!"

Gail Tuffley

"We got our Turkey from you. We always get our meat from Bean's and Christmas ham but never a Turkey. This thing was the most delicious turkey we have ever made. Next year, we will be serving a Bean's turkey again for sure."

Nicole Marie Crawford

"We have received the order! The red snappers are just like I remembered! The creton-pork was awesome! I did not realize it was from Lewiston, Me. I was born In Lewiston and grew up on and off on College Avenue at my French-Canadian Grandmothers house. We ate red snappers an Baked Beans every Saturday Night. And for breakfast we often had the creton-pork on toast. You have brought back some Great Memories!"

Joe R

"Just received my first order. I had been looking for pickled tripe and found your site had it. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks so much for bringing back some wonderful memories."

Alex S.

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