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Wholesale Meat

Based in Bangor, Maine, W. A. Bean & Sons is a local, family owned business in operation since 1860. Specializing in quality meats and food service distribution, we have made a name for ourselves throughout the region for delivering superior quality and unmatched customer service.

With a direct line to major food distributors throughout the northeast, we have been able to secure multiple product lines that can cover any restaurant or institution from the front end to the back end, soup to nuts, paper to plastic. Though we are known for the myriad of products that we prepare by hand in house, we also strive to work with our clients in procuring the best possible products at the best possible price.

W.A. Bean frankfurts, sausages, smoked meats, deli meats and many other products are made here in our Bangor plant under USDA supervision. Hamburg, steaks, chops and other fresh meats are prepared daily, but we supply much more than meats! Bean’s offers a wide spectrum of products including pizza supplies, produce, paper goods, cleaning supplies, frozen foods, oils, condiments and more! We also carry products from other quality Maine food producers.

Customer Testimonials

"Bought for the first time yesterday and couldn't be happier. The steaks I bought were tender and flavorful. They cooked up beautifully and the prices were spot on."

Kendra Chaidez

"The best hotdogs on earth "Red Snappers" and the jarred mincemeat is as good as it gets Thank you for holding quality at its best."

Dan Moffett

"I am so pleased with the meat packages that we get from here, the best any where. I suggest to everyone I know to go there for the best prices and meats."

Cathy Connor

"Just had the maple bourbon sirloin tips. They were fantastic! I will have to pick up several packages and put them in the freezer for company or myself."

Holly Bricker

"The ONLY place to go for meat! Red Snappers are awesome and so is the hamburger! If you're having a BBQ, this is the place to go!"

Daniel Binette